Hey people,
I'm going to make a weekly post of all the bugs that have been fixed and things that we are working on. Thank you all for actively reporting these bugs. Together we can tackle them all and improve the server!​

Fixed bugs:
  • The heads merchant at spawn has been fixed
  • Voting will now teleport you to Towny to ensure rewards are handed out correctly
  • Shortened /workbench to /b
  • Added /map, to show the dynmap link in game
  • Fixed UUID problem
  • Added Anti Spam
  • Added Anti VPN which should help blocking players that join with different IP's
  • Player market regions have been corrected
  • Fixed website not sending emails (or being directed to spam folder)

If you find any other bugs feel free to post them below or contact me.

Also don't forget to apply for the upcoming event! Post below.
Hello! I recently had a new big idea for the server. I thought it would be fun to have a monthly event. Every month there will be a different type of event, what they all are will remain secret for now ;). The events will take place on the last saturday of that month.

Maze event

Genral information

Date: July, 29th
Time: 3PM CEST
Countdown: http://bit.ly/2t4zMjg

Register deadline: July, 26th

This is going to be our first event ever! So like all mazes the goal is to reach the exit. But this could get a little boring so we are enabling pvp in the maze! Everyone will start out with some start items and there is random loot to find all over the maze. The first three people to make it to the end will be rewarded. Every player that takes part in the event and doesn't win will receive 5k for participating. An additional 1k will be rewarded per kill.

- To take part in the event one must apply below! (respond with "I'm in - [Your in name game]")
- Type /event from Towny to go to the start of the event
- You can not bring your own items to the event
- Spawn killing is not allowed
- It's not allowed to constantly kill a friend in turns to get kill rewards
- You will be watched by staff members, any form of hackes will get you banned!

1st. 100k and 50% Mcmmo boost for a month
2nd. 50k and 30% Mcmmo boost for a month
3rd. 30k and 20% Mcmmo boost for a month


Yes it's here! Our new website. What do you think? let me know below. It's designed by DarkKnight.

So with the new website and all I'd like to tell you some of the history of DowsingRod.

It all started in august 2016, my friend and me came up with the idea to make a minecraft server. This friend was HighStattt some of you will remember him. But yeah building a server because how hard could it be right? When we started we had no vision for what it was going to be, but one thing was clear. We wanted to build a place where people could come together to have fun. This has always been our most important aspect. We started out as a simple survival server, not many features I believe we had rentable shops and mcmmo. The first problem we bumped into was getting players online, we listed ourselves on many website and slowly more people were joining. But they didn't stay! Little did we know about building a server, we had like zero features. So what we did was listen to the players that did come online. One of them suggested Towny, and I was like. What is Towny? So I did some research and I fell in love with the concept of it. That's when we set up Towny. Later on we added Creative and Skyblock as extra features for you to enjoy. It's amazing what we have accomplished in little less than a year, and it's all because of you! Without the feedback of players we would never have come where we are today. Thank you for that.

We'll keep on listening to you to keep on improving ourselves.
DowsingRod was, and still is, a place built for and by you.

- DarkBoomba

P.S. If you have any questions about our past, feel free to ask!