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Hey! We are going to something entirely new. We're making a YouTube channel where the weekly updates will be presented to you in a video. Not only this but more server related things such as showcases, event results etc!

We need two or more people to be our anchors though! They will be the ones that present the videos, me and Ceiling_Cat will record. I will edit and upload.

Are you interested in becoming an anchor? Mail me a sound fragment where you present this forum post. This is to review your mic quality, as well as your english skills and voice sound in general.


I'm looking forward to what this will become!
Build event!

Date: August 18
Time: 20:00 (8pm) CEST
Countdown: It's Almost


Yes this is what you voted for! Our next event will be a build event. During you will compete with other players for the prizes listed below. You will receive 4 merged plots to build on and show us the best you've got. You will not be able to see other peoples build untill after the event.

Additional info
  • You HAVE to apply for this event. Last time I let people join even though they didn't. But this time that's no an option because I have to prepare all the plots!
  • Apply by commenting below with your IGN and "I'm in!"
  • The event will take place in the creative world and you will be assigned a plot before it starts.
  • You have 2 hours to build your project!
  • There will be 3 winners!
  • It's not allowed to glitch out of your plot to view others! This will end in disqualification.
  • Watch this thread as the info might still change!
  • You are allowed to build anything as long as it's not inapropriate!
  • WE is active during the event.

1st: 10$ coupon for our store
2nd: 5$ coupon at our store + 10k in-game
3rd: 25k In-game


It's been almost one whole year since I started to work on DowsingRod. I just checked my old payments and found that I started on August 28 2016. To celebrate this we will have a SALE :). From the 27th untill the 29th there will be a 20% discount on everything! Below is a countdown :).

It's Almost


We are always looking to expand our community and now we need your help to do so!
I have tried so many ways of getting more players and most of them worked fine, chances are high you found us by them!

However no matter what I do, the most effective way of getting new people to join has always been player to player contact! Help us by spreading word of us, tell people about the server and invite them to try it sometime.

Here are some things you could do to help us apart from donating:

  • Voting, as much as you can
  • Tell people about us
  • Share our website, Facebook and Twitter
  • Use our banner in your signature at forums you use.
Most forums allow a signature to be made with BB codes, when someone visits your profile or sees a post of you it will show them your signature. It would be great if that was our banner!
To do this insert the following code as signature:

Thanks for helping us out!

- DarkBoomba

It's actually been 2 weeks since the last update but I was focussing on repairing the server after the attack.
Below I'll list all the changes I made in the last 2 weeks. Well as far as I wrote them down ;).
  • Added /tgui
  • Fixed /rules, to point at the website
  • 15% permanent money boost to producing jobs so buying required items is still profitable
  • Added enderman to the hunter job
  • Added multiple words to the spam prevention white list
  • Fixed potato in cook job, it's now cooked potato
  • Added new vote link
  • Removed old warp
  • Updated the rules
  • Added /ah
  • New default pet skilltree by Ceiling_Cat
  • Fixed boat at spawn not sending /rtp, immediately
  • Added beetroot soup to the cook job
There probably is more x).

So just a small sneak peak of what new things are coming soon:

  • A new spawn for towny
  • Quests
  • Custom achievements
  • And something way bigger that will remain a secret for now ;)
Any more bugs? Please report them :)
See yah!

- DarkBoomba

So I want to decide what the next event will be, however I would like your input for it. Take part in the poll please :)

Now during the event I'm actually going to be in Rome, I will try to come online and help out. It might be possible that I can't so the other staff members will take over. We haven't discussed this yet that's why there is no date available yet. Also because I am probably going to be away it has to be something easy to setup and easy to be monitored. Why not set it up before hand? I'd love to be in 2 weeks I'll have some exams so I need to focus on that ;)....

I've come up with a few ideas and some of you also did, I've listed them below and explained what they will be.

Nether Star Race

In this event people will be teleported to a new world without their inventory. PvP will be enabled. In a big square 3 nether stars will be placed on top of a block as high as one could build. The idea is that one must gather resources to build a tower to reach the nether stars. The three people that obtain a nether star will be the winners of this event.

Diamond Dig

During this event 3 Diamond blocks will be placed within a chunk of stone. Everyone will be equiped with an OP pickaxe, McMMO and Jobs will be disabled. The first 3 people to obtain the diamond block will win this event. I have not yet decided if PvP will be enabled here.

Build Tournament

In this event people will battle others by building the best looking structured within the creative world. Head-Mod rank and above will discuss which 3 structures will be the winners. They won't know which is who's before hand.

I've heard other great event ideas. I did write those down for another time. Leave your vote!

- DarkBoomba


So once again I may welcome you to our new website. The design is a little different from before but it acts the same!

Let me know what you think. Missing anything? Do request it below in the comments!

- DarkBoomba​