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In-Game Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by DarkBoomba, Aug 3, 2017.

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    DowsingRod Official Server Rules

    At DowsingRod we have always worked towards a place where everyone can enjoy themselves. To achieve this we set up the following rules with their corresponding punishments that will be enforced by our staff. If you find a player to break any of these rules while no staff member is present, report them to a staff member on Discord.

    The corresponding punishments will be found under each rule. If a player breaks the same rule four times it will result in a permanent ban or mute. Depending on the 3rd punishment. If you feel you have been punished for an invalid reason you can do a ban appeal.

    Excessive Player Disrespect
    | 1 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban |

    This rule includes offences related to bullying, discrimination and harassment. Staff members will always try to settle matter without punishments. Please note that these punishment lengths are guidelines but are often modified by staff members based on the level of disrespect.

    Note: We do believe in the rights of unbiased free speech. This means as long as you're not breaking any other rules you may say what you want. Punishment will occur when it is evident a player has passed a boundary.

    Note: Punishment lengths are at the discretion of staff members based on the severity of the offence.

    | Racism
    | 15 Minute Mute | 1 Day Mute | 2 Day Ban

    We want all our community members to feel safe and welcomed at all time, therefore this is our most important rule. There is a clear difference between using a racial slur and using it in a racist manner.

    If you use any racial slur in a negative manner, it will be treated as Racism.

    You are allowed to use racial slurs in an unbiased manner. This means you are allowed to use slurs which show no prejudice for or against something.

    A clear example would be the use of the phrase used to refer to dark-skinned people. The phrase now-a-days is used in a much more relaxed manner, i.e. when greeting other people. You will not be punished for using a slur such as this as long as it is not done so in a negative manner.

    Note: If you try to bypass this rule, you will be punished more severely.

    | Death Threats or Suicide Jokes
    | 1 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | 1 Month Ban

    The act of telling others to kill and/or harm themselves.

    | Hacked Clients or Blacklisted Modifications
    | Warning | Permanent Ban

    Using a client or modification which creates an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. However mod’s as Optifine, World edit visualizer and minimap’s are allowed.

    Note: Punishment lengths are at the discretion of staff members based on the severity of the offence as well as the conditions they are found in.

    | Abusing Commands, Glitches, and Bugs
    | 3 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | Permanent Ban

    If you discover a glitch or bug you are required to report it here immediately. Users caught exploiting the server through one of the above will be punished as they are creating an unfair advantage for themselves. This rule also covers to creation of lag machines and command abuse.

    | Inappropriate Content
    | Warn | 1 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban

    In DowsingRod, inappropriate content consists of vulgar messages, builds, sexual and pornographic material (including nicknames and skins), and drug references.

    | Town Obstructing
    | Warn | 5 Day Ban | Perm Ban

    It's not allowed to obstruct towns by claiming plots too close or around there town without their consent. On warn you will be forced to remove it.

    | Chat Disruption - Spamming
    | 15 Minute Mute | 1 Hour Mute | 1 Day Ban

    Spamming is the repetition of words or phrases in a manner which floods the chat. Whilst staff members are informed to use their best judgement regarding this rule, the general rule of thumb is three repetitions within five seconds.

    | Chat Disruption – Character Spam
    | Warning | 15 Minute Mute | 1 Day Ban

    Character spam is the succession of letters, numbers or symbols in an unnecessary manner. Similarly to the spamming rule, staff members are advised to use their best judgement when handling character spam cases. Examples of this violation include “Where are staff??????????” and “Meeeeeeeeeee”.

    | Chat Disruption – Capital Letters
    | Warning | 15 Minute Mute | 1 Hour Mute

    There is no need to use an excessive amount of capital letters when typing in chat. This is viewed as a chat disruption and users posting an extreme or unnecessary amount of capitalised letters (in a row) in their messages will be punished accordingly.

    | Chat Disruption - Impersonation
    | 1 Hour Ban | 1 Day Ban | 3 Day Ban

    Impersonation is not permitted on DowsingRod as it leads to extensive confusion which results in problematic situations. The term impersonation relates to using the command /nick to imitate another player, staff member or figure of significance.

    | Chat Disruption – Non-English
    | Warning | 15 Minute Mute | 1 Hour Mute

    To maintain a chat that can be accurately moderated and understood by all individuals we require that only English be spoken in public chat areas. Should you wish to use another language we invite you to do so in private messages, town chat or any other non-public chat.

    | Advertising – Category
    | 1 Hour Mute | 3 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban

    Category 1 of advertising relates to the naming or referencing of another server or their respected website in chat or private messages. We consider this because it has the potential to drive members of our community away to another.

    | Advertising – Category 2
    | 1 Day Ban | Permanent Ban

    Category 2 of advertising relates to the linking or sharing of another server's IP address.

    | Scamming - IRL Currency
    | 1 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | Permanent Ban

    Any form of scamming involving real life currency will be handled with a permanent ban. If you fall victim to this please contact a Senior Moderator or higher with your gathered evidence immediately. When it comes to in-game scams, they are allowed to an extent on Towny.

    | Punishment Evasion - Ban
    | Permanent Ban

    If you have been banned in-game you are not allowed to use another account to come back online. The only way of getting unbanned sooner is through the ban appeal process.

    | Punishment Evasion - Mute
    | Temporary Ban (based on duration of initial mute)

    Users that find themselves muted in-game may not communicate with others by using signs, books, or plot chat. If you are caught bypassing a mute you will be banned for the remainder of your mute duration.
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