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Pets 101

Discussion in 'Tutorials - Guides' started by CeilingCat, Aug 6, 2017.

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    Aug 5, 2017
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    On the server, you can have almost any mob you desire as your loyal companion! This tutorial will teach you the basics, and the not-so-basics of having your own friend and bodyguard.

    To start, you'll need to either catch a pet, or buy a pet.

    To catch a pet, punch any capturable mob with a leash

    To buy a pet, ask someone if they'd be willing to part with a pet, then they can use the /pettrade command for you to make a purchase that is guaranteed by the server, so they cant scam you. Don't buy pets without /pettrade!
    After you have your desired pet, you should give your friend a name! the command to use for this is /petname. You can do this as often as you'd like, and you can include formatting codes such as &4 to personalise your pets name.

    Now that you have your adorable companion, its time to suit them for battle!
    Hold armour, or weapons and shift + right click your pet to equip them.
    Remove armour and weapons by attempting to equip them with Shears.

    Now that your pet is suited, their training must begin.

    View your pets experience level using the /petinfo command. This command also provides other useful information, including your pets favourite food, which can be fed to them to regenerate health.

    When first starting, experience is gained by your pet being present while you kill mobs of any kind, this will increase some basic stats for your pet.

    Soon, your pet will be able to fight for itself, and do a small amount of damage, your pet can now level up faster by killing mobs themselves. Your pet will attack the last mob that either harmed you, or was harmed by you.


    While leveling up, your pet will acquire special skills that can help you, and it, listed are these skills.


    The beacon skill is a high level skill, that is triggered by the player with the command /petbeacon
    The skill allows the pet to act as a temporary beacon for the player, (2 minutes maximum), certain beacon effects are unlocked further down the skilltree of the pet.


    The behaviour skill allows you to control how your pet acts. It is accessed with the command /petb <behaviour>, there are 6 behaviour types that can be unlocked.

    Normal - will attack when provoked by either you harming a mob/player, or a mob/player harming you.
    Friendly - will not attack. calm and paceful doggo.
    Aggressive - Attacks everything in a 15 block radius. angery doggo.
    Farm - Attacks all aggressive mobs in a 15 block radius.
    Raid - Acts like normal, however will not attack players, or other pets.
    Duel - Attacks pets in a 5 block radius also in Duel mode, reduced respawn time for duelling creatures.


    The control skill allows you to direct your pet using a lead, right click where you want you pet to go and it will move there.


    Chance of your pet setting their enemy ablaze with the hatred of a thousand suns.


    Allows your pet to store items. These items can be accessed using /peti
    The inventory also stores items picked up with the pickup skill.


    Chance of your pet bitchslapping the enemy so hard they fly backwards.


    Chance of your pet igniting their enemy in the light of Zeus himself.


    Allows your pet to pick items from the floor, toggle this using /petpickup


    Allows your pet to do a ranged attack. Not available for standard skilltree.


    Allows you to ride atop your pet, no matter how ridiculous you look doing it. Right click the pet with a leash to mount, then ride like a horse.


    Your pet may jump infront of arrows, and punches aimed at you, absorbing some or all of the damage.


    Small chance for your pet to wither at the souls of its enemies, reducing them to mere carcasses.

    =============[Other Commands]=============

    Frees your pet. Careful if they are a hostile mob pet as they will hold no love, and attack you immediately.

    Displays basic information about your pet

    Displays information about a mob as a pet.

    /petoptions healthbar
    Toggles your pets Health Bar on screen.

    Brings your pet to you (provided it can fit)

    Stops your pet attacking its current target

    Stores your pet, for... safekeeping.

    Opens your stored pets inventory.

    Shows all of your pets abilities.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this thread with them!
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