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The Town of Ashfield official rules

Discussion in 'Towny' started by qKurta, Aug 22, 2017.


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  1. qKurta

    qKurta New Member

    Aug 3, 2017
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    Building & Destroying 1
    -You may not build on the territory of Ashfield without the approval of the High level officials.
    -You may not destroy on the territory of Ashfield without the approval of the High level officials.
    -You may change the inside of your home but do not change the outside look of the build.
    -You may not dig tunnels, holes or anything of that sort under the town.

    Building & Destroying 2
    -You may collect crops in the farms as long as you re-supply the farms with the specific seeds that are grown in that farm.

    Free speech & debates
    -You may express your religious beliefs and/or your opinions on any matter.
    -You may not hate, attack, harm or threaten another person because of your differences.

    General rules
    -You must follow all server rules and disobeying them is prohibited and punishable
    -You may not kill and/or harm or try to kill and/or harm another town member unless you both agreed on a fight.
    -You must follow all rules. If you are disobeying any rule, we may enforce and punishment for whatever reason.

    -You may leave the town after you are jailed but we do not provide your stuff back.
    -You may be jailed for whatever reason.
    -You may Mail/Message a High Level town official if you think your jail was unjustified.

    General Responsibilities of a resident
    -You must report a player that disobeyed the town rules.
    -Any tasks you've been given from a High Level official must be done, if said so.
    -You may not go around the rules, any doing so can leave massive punishments

    If you have any questions regarding town rules, please contact Coraly.

    Your beloved,
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